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[Pkg-fonts-devel] Bug#540206: Bug#540206: ttf-mgopen: MgOpen Canonica hinting looks terrible

tags 540206 + confirmed help

Steve Pomeroy wrote:
> The text rendering of the font MgOpen Canonica looks terrible at small
> sizes (really, at any size below 20). I suspect this is due to broken
> hinting.
Yes it does; I'm aware of it, as well of some its other problems
(partial lack of Euro sign, middle dot etc.) for quite some time.

Unfortunately, the font is unmaintained upstream: it was basically a
"code drop" (well, a "font drop" in this case) by a Greek commercial
font vendor, Magenta, and they haven't made any changes since they
released it.

It's still in use, both in print and on screen, by several -mostly Greek
speaking- users, altough the introduction of Greek glyphs in other fonts
like DejaVu and Liberation since then have limited its use.

It isn't intended to be just a print font and it isn't used that way
either, so limiting its use via defoma seems unacceptable, IMHO.

Help to fix its hinting would be welcome, though.


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