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[Pkg-fonts-devel] Policy on packaging fonts?

Hi there.

I read the pages related to Debian packaging of fonts in wiki.d.o and I
feel that there are some things missing from the policy.

Namely, I want to get a non-free font called URW GaramondNo8, available
from CTAN, that is available in pfb format and I would like to know which
packaging convention I should use for the package.

I see that truetype fonts use a ttf- prefix and (my memory may be failing
me here) opentype fonts use an otf- prefix. Should I use the ps- prefix for
a Postscript font? I don't think that pfb- is a good prefix, but I'm don't
think that the ps- prefix is a good choice too.

BTW, my intention is to have some kind of Garamond font in Debian that is
available to both X and TeX (I *am* a heavy TeX user).

I have working packages here, but I don't know how I should proceed with
the best packaging practices regarding fonts.

Also, some points that I should be addressed on the policy are:

* what is the preferred way of providing packages that ship fonts that are
  not ttf or otf?
* should/must a font register with defoma?
* should/must a font register with dh_installtex?
* should/must a font register with dh_installxfonts?
* should/must a font register with fontconfig?
* what are the naming convetions that a font package should follow?
* what about bitmap fonts, some of which are very good for use on the
* what about incomplete font families (e.g., that don't provide, say, a
  bold version)?
* what about clone fonts of very famous fonts (for instance, I have already
  found and stored on my computer the following fonts: *P*aramond,
  Garam*A*nd, *B*aramand, *I*Garamond, among others).
* what about fonts that are converted from one format to another (say, ttf
  -> pfb)?

These are some questions that have been in my mind during the last few days
and that I would love to see addressed in a formal way.

Please, keep me CC'ed, as I'm not subscribed to the list.

Thanks, Rogério Brito.

Rogério Brito : rbrito@{mackenzie,ime.usp}.br : GPG key 1024D/7C2CAEB8
http://www.ime.usp.br/~rbrito : http://meusite.mackenzie.com.br/rbrito
Projects: algorithms.berlios.de : lame.sf.net : vrms.alioth.debian.org

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