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[Pkg-fonts-devel] Bug#505817: ttf-dejavu: italic text fuzzy

retitle 505817 ttf-dejavu: Serif Italic lacks instructions

Hello Arthur,

Is it about Vera Serif vs. DejaVu Serif? If so, then it is because
Vera does not have italic serif, so it is just slanted regular font...
Mono and Sans should look almost identical in DejaVu and Vera, for
glyphs supported by Vera.

I'm retitling this bug, but if you also have this problem with Mono
or Sans, please provide screenshots, this must be another problem.

Eugeniy Meshcheryakov

16 листопада 2008 о 07:02 +1030 Arthur Marsh написав(-ла):
> The main thing holding me back from using ttf-dejavu as a default font 
> is that the rendering of italic text is far less clear than when using 
> Bitstream Vera fonts.

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