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[Pkg-fonts-devel] Bug#504705: Bug#504705: python-fontforge: fontforge Revision 1.2945

Hi Bug Filler,

Kt, 2008 11 06 23:30 +0800, Bug Filler rašė:
> Package: python-fontforge
> Version: 0.0.20080927-1

Debian still hasn't the version such as that. So, we can't neither to
answer something reasonable nor to fix this bug. I know only one place
where you can find such package (on my personal repository at
http://kebil.ghost.lt/debian/pool/fontforge/ ), but this package is
still unofficial and main thing is -- hasn't this bug.

> I think it's explained by this fontforge revision comment:
>   Revision 1.2945 - (download)
>   Sun Nov 2 03:20:50 2008 UTC (4 days, 12 hours ago) by pfaedit
>   Branch: MAIN
>   Changes since 1.2944: +2 -2 lines

But this change was made 4 days ago, while the
fontforge_full-20080927.tar.bz2 was realized one and a half month

>   Distributions no longer provide .so files -- unless you ask for -dev
>   packages, and sometimes those don't exist. This means that dlopening a
>   library doesn't work. I think that's really stupid on the
>   distibutioner's part. What do they gain by removing the .so file? But
>   I won't even try to change their minds. Instead try to open the
>   appropriate foo.so.? file if we can't find foo.so  (Not always, but in
>   the more important cases).

Yes, on debian is usual to avoid dlopening. We use an option
--with-regular-link instead.

> So either python-fontforge depends on libfontforge or somehow move .so
> files to libfontforge1 or add the patch.

The dependency on libfontforge1 is enough.

Best wishes,
Kęstutis Biliūnas <kebil@kaunas.init.lt>
http://kebil.ghost.lt  |  GnuPG-Key ID: F6E7A452

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