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[Pkg-fonts-devel] Bug#477081: ttf-freefont: FreeSerif shows characters st with curve on top


The 'st' ligature was present in the 2006 FreeFont release, but was
removed from the ligature tables in the 2006 Debian rttf-freefont
release, and the 20080323-3 release of FreeFont.  I just checked the
latest Debian release, and I don't see it in any of the Serif faces,
or in Sans.

So we need more information.

1) Which face are you referring to?  Serif, Sans, Mono, normal,
italic, bold, bolditalic?

2) In what environment do you see this?  What program are you running?

Perhaps you have more than one installation of FreeFont.

3) Try doing this
        locate FreeSerif.ttf

4) Try removing your FreeFont installation.  Then run the program
where you were viewing the font,
    and see if the font is still there.

If problems persist, please report bugs about FreeFont directly to


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