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Re: [Pkg-fonts-devel] First item to the packaging policy: how to names packages?

Mohammed Adnène Trojette  wrote:

> On Fri, Mar 17, 2006, Adrian von Bidder wrote:
>> An idea out of the blue, without looking at existing packages:

>> Package: ttf-jomolhari
>> Provides: ttf-lang-dzongkha, ttf-charset-latin

> That's exactly what I was going to propose.

> And ttf-project providing ttf-languages or ttf-charsets seems the more
> logical to me.

You might want:
Package: ttf-jomolhari
Provides: ttf-lang-dzongkha, ttf-lang-tibetan, ttf-charset-latin, ttf-charset-tibetan

The Jomolhari font can be used equally well for both Dzongkha and Tibetan languages. It covers all the characters in the Tibetan block of Unicode, basic Latin and some extended Latin characters used for transliterating Dzongkha & Tibetan.

BTW The Jomolhari font supports both the normal Unicode encoding of Tibetan script and part A of the Chinese national standard for encoding Tibetan script which also uses PUA characters U+F300 to U+F8FF to encode pre-composed Tibetan ligatures.

Package: ttf-jomolhari
Provides: ttf-lang-dz, ttf-lang-bo, ttf-script-tibt, ttf-script-latn

Might be another possibility if you want to use iso language and script codes.

Christopher Fynn

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