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Re: [Pkg-fonts-devel] Tibetan font package needed for tuxpaint: Tsampa Keyboard

Christian Perrier wrote:
> Is that a Unicode font ? Reading the relevant page makes me think that
> this is a font that maps Tibetan glyphs somewhere else than their
> place in Unicode (I may be totally wrong, though...:-))

Ah.  Discouraging.  I guess the translations will need to be redone if
we switch to ttf-tmuni.  Also, it appears that Tibetan is not a
supported locale in Debian, so the setlocale() fails when I try to use
this language anyway.  Do you know any way around that problem?

I'll just include this font in tuxpaint-data, then, for now, as it isn't
useful to any package other than Tuxpaint.

I hope I can figure out a solution for the locale problem before etch


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