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Re: [Pkg-fonts-devel] Should we comaintain fontforge?

On Saturday 25 March 2006 07:06, Christian Perrier wrote:
> > I'm absolutely not thrilled of seeing lists as maintainers of more and
> > more packages.  Ask our release managers - there were cases where a
> > list was set as maintainer, and when the release mgr contacted the
> > maintainer address because some relatively urgent action was necessary,
> > nobody on that list felt compelled to react.
> The list can be the Maintainer, which allows for group reception of
> bug reports and the like....and individuals can be listed in
> Uploaders.

I don't feel my concerns are addressed.  When Maintainer: is a list and 
Uploaders a list of people, who will take responsibility for those things 
that nobody feels responsible for?  As I said (the discussion was on 
d-release IIRC, vorlon was one of the parties there) the problem has 
happened in the past where a package needed some NMU and was blocking some 
transitions. The Maintainer field was a list, but nobody on that list felt 
inclined to react.  If the Maintainer field is a single person, this is 
much less likely to happen.

So again:  when you/we set Maintainer: of packages to this list, who will 
feel responsible to react in such cases?  My suggestion is to put this 
person as Maintainer, and use the pts to get all the bug reports etc. on 
the list.

-- vbi

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