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Re: [Pkg-fonts-devel] Should we comaintain fontforge?

> I'm thinking definitely if no-one steps up in a week or so. Chanop also
> orphaned some other fonts related packages. I've asked someone in the NM
> queue with a @linux.thai.net address if s/he would like to adopt the
> Thai related packages (inc some fonts), if they decline, we should take
> the fonts too, and ask debian-i18n about the others. I think we should
> check the debian-qa packages for font-related stuff as well.

Agreed to both proposals. After all, I already did the last NMU of
fontforge, IIRC...:-)

So, in about one week, if noone steps in, then we take the package
over. I propose setting the list as maintainer (either the list
itself..which means it would receive bug reports....or a dedicated
list for bugs, with an open posting policy, which is mandatory for bug

Apart from that, this is probably time for us to think about
populating this nice SVN we have.....

I'm actually ready to import there the font packages I maintain
(ttf-lao, ttf-dzongkha). I'll probably also import ttf-freefont but
maybe need some help grabbing the current project SVN of Konstantinos
if I want to keep its history.

(about ttf-freefont, I took it over without asking Kostas because I
know he won't answer mail for a while, being currently in the Greek
army, and I also know he will not bother)

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