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Re: Flash packaging team

On Wed, 2010-08-18 at 19:34 +0200, Gabriele Giacone wrote:

> what do you think about switching your flash-related packages (gnash,
> lightspark, ming, flasm, mtasc, what else?) to team packaging like
> debian-java [1] and others?
> I mean switching to "public" packages with mailing list address as
> Maintainer and even team upload [2] would be allowed.

mtasc/flasm are already maintained in pkg-flash SVN, I'd be happy to
move them both to team maintenance though.

BTW, there is a debian-flash list:


Personally I think Flash needs to die and any Debian Flash team should
be focussed on replacing any and all instances of Flash in Debian with
HTML5 and JavaScript and pushing those changes upstream. The web is full
of FAIL and replacing a big part of that FAIL with something that is
slightly less FAIL is a good idea.

We should use the Debian DMUA policy, which is to only add it when a
person has proven themselves to be competent on a particular package.
I'd personally like DMUA to go away and be replaced with stuff in LDAP.



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