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Slashdot thread on Sound, Flash etc Highlights a Focus need

A recent Slashdot thread had resonance with my own work in promoting use of Linux in a very large educational project and problems I'm facing.


Quite a few contributors to that thread are voicing some fundamental concerns that problems with seemingly mundane features may hold back Linux from wider acceptance.

I know folks comment "well you can figure out a work around it eventually"...
but the problem is winning over the existing Window's users that might be thinking about moving to Linux and
unfortunately either just don't have the knowledge or perhaps don't want to spend the time to figure out "work-arounds" to basic issues like:
  • why doesn't my Browser play flash video
  • or why doesn't my Web sound work (or work right)
Linux has come a very long way in creating a great computing environment and Desktop experience.

One obvious example is how well wireless now seems to work now.
and that is fortunate since the networking market for personal use is almost exclusively Wireless in the Home now.

I know the problems with things like Flash maybe isn't something Linux community can fix directly but they can work more closely
with say Adobe in this instance to get the problem fixed.

Anyway I hought I'd send you this Slashdot thread. 

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