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Re: dhcp addresses from pool only to specific devices

It was more or less my idea, but was not sure about the syntax but in documentatin was not completely clear and also, how much can be the list long ?
(Yes, I have the mac addresses in a database)
thank you for the clarification.

On Fri, 19 Mar 2021, Dan Ritter wrote:
If you want special treatment for some clients, you need to be
able to identify them. Either they can all supply a parameter in
their DHCP request -- if you control their configuration, this
is reasonable -- or you need to maintain a list of MAC

//  Here is the list of MAC addresses, assigning a class:

subclass "allocation-class-1" 1:8:0:2b:4c:39:ad;
subclass "allocation-class-1" 1:8:0:2b:a9:cc:e3;
subclass "allocation-class-1" 1:0:0:c4:aa:29:44;
subclass "allocation-class-1" 1:0:0:c2:aa:23:4a;

// and here is how they are treated differently:

subnet netmask {
 pool {
   allow members of "allocation-class-1";
   deny unknown-clients;
 pool {
   allow unknown-clients;


Or they can go to different subnets instead of pools of
the same one.

I recommend putting the class definitions  in one or more
include files, with comments about human-identifiable info.
If you have a database system that tracks things like this,
it's a good idea to have it produce these include files
for you every hour or day or whatever matches your needs.


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Università di Firenze
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