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Re: Remove from the list


usually i try hard not to feed troll,  but it makes me wonder which part of “you haven't the
slightiest idea what a mailinglist is” this troll specially did not understand?

If mailing list is older concept than user’s age is, IMO user should try to research bit before commenting like this.
It is not problem of this list if some other list did agree about stupidity of it users and provided some “how-to-unsubscribe-if-did-not-read-anything-before-subscribed”

I dropped off all CC’s, did not look like important.

This reply also do miss any importance,  sorry that.


On 6 Apr 2017, at 22.47, Odd wand <oddwand@gmail.com> wrote:

No luck necessary, every other mailing list can be unsubscribed from without pure salt from brilliant minds like yours.

Have a wonderful day! 

On Thu, Apr 6, 2017 at 3:33 PM Gerdriaan Mulder <naairdreg@gmail.com> wrote:
Literally *every* e-mail on this list has the following header:


If your email client hides these from you, or you haven't the
slightiest idea what a mailinglist is, good luck in further endeavours
in mailinglist land.

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