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Hi there!

as maybe you already know, nftables has been merged into linux,
scheduled for release with kernel 3.13 [0].
There is a how-to [1] to test it.

nftables includes a compatibility layer, that allows a painless
migration from iptables to nftables.

nftables also features an API, called libnftables [2]. This API adds
some interesting features to build other apps in top of it.

This software is a major upgrade in the Linux world, and I think that
when the times arrives, Debian should adapt to nftables.

I haven't heard any word in Debian about nftables, so I just wanted to
comment it here, I case you missed something.

Best regards.

[0] http://marc.info/?l=netfilter-devel&m=138176887917614&w=2
[1] https://home.regit.org/netfilter-en/nftables-quick-howto/
[2] http://git.netfilter.org/libnftables

Arturo Borrero González

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