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How to setup OpenVPN?

Good morning,

for some days I have encountered that i can have an IPv6 range on my
VServer at my Hoster.

Since I am on an FTTH with a fixed IP (v4) and has only IPv4 Support, I
like to do use my IPv6 space on my server at home.

So, now I do not know, how and where to start.

My Setup is:

   Intenet -> FTTH -> Media-Converter -> DebianRouter -> InternalNet
                       (Fiber-> Eth)      (Mini-ITX)

So, currently I have NAT'ed my InternelNet and setup some physical servers
using IPv4 private space.

Now I gaved my @home severs a second IP like -> xxxx:xxxx:xxxx:xxxx:::1:11

(while ignoring the alphabetical chars) and installed OpenVPN on my
DebianRouter and on my Server at my Hoster...

OK, but how do I create a IPv6 channel from my ficxed HOME IP To the fixed
Server IP (IPv4 and/or IPv6) and then tell OpenVPN, that ::::::1:x is not
more on the Server but @home?

Question: It is better to ask on <debian-ipv6> ?

Thanks for your Time and Help

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