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Firewall HA clustering doc

Hi there!

In other thread we talk about some documentation regarding firewall HA

It's in Spanish and you recommended me to share it on the wiki under
'es' language.

Navigating through the wiki, there are many sites I could place it. I
really don't want breaking the wiki.

At first, I see this:

· The main article about iptables appears to be:
http://wiki.debian.org/DebianFirewall But there is no 'es' equivalent,
and my technical and concrete documentation isn't likely fitting in.
· There are a lot of HOWTO articles (about other topics), shall I
write one new regarding this?
· It's seem that the only way to create a new article in the debian
wiki is linking it in another place. Where to put the first link?

I wonder if you could just create the article (plain, no contents)
wherever you want to have it and I will come and paste it. It is

I'm not with time to much more investigation than this, i'm sorry.

The original doc:

Best regards.

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