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Re: acme-firewall


I think you should ask your question about packaging in a more general way (since it's not strictly restricted to your specific one) and maybe on the debian-users list. At least, under another subject. And try specify your  questions in detail because else the answer would just be read the HowTo. 

About your work, i can't say much but just, go ahead. 

It appears you are trying to share something that would be useful for server / network administrators and maybe there is another list for those people. They don't ship any traffic summary figure with the overview of http://lists.debian.org/completeindex.html but i believe Debian-firewall has very low traffic these days.

Anyway, it seems to be the standard behavior nowadays that once someone answered to a mailing list question, but did not hit the nail, anyone else still thinks it's ok now and they skip it. You may try ask the netfilter list https://lists.netfilter.org/pipermail/netfilter-announce and cc to debian-firewall again.

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