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Re: Article on Traffic Control

Hey guys,

18 months later.... the translation took longer than I thought it would, be it's there:


It's still a work in progress, and I intent to cover more algorithms than in the original paper. Feel free to comment and add your thoughts.


On 04.04.2010 08:10, Julien Vehent wrote:
Hey guys,

Just some follow up on this TC article thing.
I've got the confirmation that it will be published in the next issue on GNU/Linux Magazine in France (in fact, it should even make it to the front page). So those of you who read french will be able to get it around the
24th of April.

For the others, I'm planning on making an english translation (help is welcome) and release it as soon as the french article is released. That
should be around august/september.
It's definitely collaborative work, so comments/additions/contributions
will be most welcome (especially on HFSC, I didn't cover this one).


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