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Re: Life Gold Coast Magazine Issue 316 Out Now

On 28/07/11 15:02, Life Gold Coast con wrote:
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> )

Dear Paula Jane Johnson,
                        you are scum, the spawn of Satan, jamming the
tubes with your puerile publications, ripping of your clients with
worthless advertisements.

While decent business builds search rankings on content and genuine
backlinks you, and the filth you call My eHub, defraud your clients
who'd have better results without the penalties that Google
automatically gives for your nasty Web 2.0 copy content scams and link

I hope you are hunted down by ASIC for trading without an ABN and while
insolvent, all the creditors you defrauded learn your home address:-
and hunt you down, and that everyone that reads this:-
1. contacts Google to demands your results be sent to the back of the
2. forwards your spam to ACMA so you are sent to jail where you belong:-

If I get bored I'll build a proper website, not one outsourced to the
Phillipines for a pittance, and post your photo, personal details and
give you the publicity you so richly deserve.

No one buys the "I'm just trying to make a few more million" yuppy
Nuremburg defence - any more than the law buys the "opt-out of spam"
lie. You are a parasite and the only positive thing you could do with
you life - is end it in a slow and painful manner.

Yours faithfully, JJ

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