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Re: Hardware recommendations for a Debian version of IPCop


I bought it on https://www.newit.co.uk
Already 2 years ago...
there are some new models now.

Dreamplug with 2 USB 2.0 and 2 Gigabit Ethernet, eSata

But you might want to look at the openRD Ultimate...
7 USB 2.0, 2 Gigabit Ethernet, 1 PCIe (for your extra NIC),
RS-485 (obviously console)

No extrapoints, because it has sound and VGA - but if i got the description right, those can be disabled during power-on

Am 12.07.2011 15:48, schrieb Alejandro:

did you know where to buy that sheeva plug to test it?


El 12/07/11 14:25, Michael Buchholz escribió:

Did anyone already mentioned the Sheeva Plug?
1.2 Ghz ARM CPU
512 MB RAM
512 MB Flash
SDHC (bootable)
1 USB 2.0
100 MBit Ethernet
Serial Console via USB (driver is in linux kernel)

Also available with eSata

Power consumption is 7 Watt
Comeswith preinstalled Linux (i forgot, which brand) in the flash -
but before i booted that twice, i had Debian on that box.

i paid 130 Euro in January 2009 including shipping from UK to Germany.

Other devices are available

Am 12.07.2011 10:40, schrieb Scott Ferguson:
My question is what m/bs are well supported by Debian, that can support
the following requirements comfortably?

I'd like to build a pure(-ish) Debian (stable) firewall/router that
duplicates much of the functionality of IPCop:-

To run a web interface (licence allowing, borrowed from IPCop OR using
webmin) dhcp and ntp server, wondershaper, dyndns (or tinydyndns),
snort, squid, apt-cache, shorewall, OpenVPN/StrongSWAN (or Hamachi if
Mojako improves) and very little else.

mini or micro m/b format (low-power), two+ USB 2.0 ports, serial port,
three NICs (or 1 built-in +2 pci slots), not fussed about drive support
(IDE, PATA, SATA, SDcard, don't care), bonus points for *no* built-in
video or sound.

The current box exceeds the minimum requirements for IPCop - but chugs
with UpdateAccellerator, and, chokes with caching.
I'm tired of not having usb_modeswitch to support USB UMTS
devices, would like to be able to deal with IPv6 when using dual-stack
ISPs that support it, and definitely prefer a modern version of snort.

NOTES: I'm after reliability so scratch FitPC and other mini-toasters,
unless they can to run reliably for several years without failure. I'd
rather have an overpowered device that underpowered. IPCop is a great
project - just no longer satisfies my needs.

Cheers, and thanks in anticipation

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