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Re: Hardware recommendations for a Debian version of IPCop

On 12/07/11 22:25, Michael Buchholz wrote:
> Hi,
> Did anyone already mentioned the Sheeva Plug?

No. (but I'd heard of them, and forgotten).

> 1.2 Ghz ARM CPU
> 512 MB RAM
> 512 MB Flash
> SDHC (bootable)
> 1 USB 2.0
> 100 MBit Ethernet
> Serial Console via USB (driver is in linux kernel)

I'll have to look up the specs - I'm not confident the CPU has enough
grunt, I'd require at least 2 USB ports - though maybe I could use a USB
hub (for modems and a wireless access point)... have to be able to use 3
NICs though.

> Also available with eSata
> Power consumption is 7 Watt
> Comeswith preinstalled Linux (i forgot, which brand) in the flash - but
> before i booted that twice, i had Debian on that box.


> i paid 130 Euro in January 2009 including shipping from UK to Germany.
> Other devices are available

I'll have a look - thanks for the suggestion.

> Am 12.07.2011 10:40, schrieb Scott Ferguson:
>> My question is what m/bs are well supported by Debian, that can support
>> the following requirements comfortably?


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