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Thanks for your fast answer.

I'm  already using  the Ebtables. Really good tool for Layer2 Frames and many other Protocols. I can catch Arp Packets with Ebtables. Moreover Ebtables has got only few option about Arp packets.  But I need the use IPtables. Because I have to redirect some Layer3 Packet (include ARP packets) with IP header.

2011/7/1 Marcos <fraga.muerete@gmail.com>
May it be http://ebtables.sourceforge.net/ ?


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2011/7/1 jin&hitman&Barracuda <jinhitman@gmail.com>
Hi list.
I was wondering, how can i Drop or Accept the Arp and Rarp packets with IPtables?
Is there any special command about Adress Resulution Protocol?
Thanks a lot...

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There is no place like "/home"
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