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Re: Help getting iptables REDIRECT to work

* [Thu, Oct 21, 2010 at 01:33:13AM +0100] Chris Haynes:
Although no strictly a 'firewall' question, I expect the experts on
iptables are on this list.

Not an expert, anyway...

I have Debian lenny.
$ uname -r

It isn't from a Debian package, is it?

$ sudo iptables -L

This should be:
$ sudo iptables -t nat -L

Can anyone tell me how to get REDIRECT working, or suggest further

Try doing

$ grep REDIRECT /boot/config-$( uname -r )

for checking kernel support, and

$ dpkg -L iptables | grep REDIRECT

for the userspace counterpart.

For reference, here the results on my (sid) box:

gpiero@caimano:~$ grep REDIRECT /boot/config-$( uname -r )
gpiero@caimano:~$ dpkg -L iptables | grep REDIRECT /lib/xtables/libipt_REDIRECT.so

Gian Piero.

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