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Re: Email Verification!!

Emails like this need to be archived some where so that future generations may lol, this one is epic.

On 10/07/10 05:44, Email Management Teams wrote:
Dear Email user's,

This message is from the EMAIL Admin IT Service to all our email account subscribers. You are to provide to us the below information to revalidate your account due to spam and to upgrade the new 2010 spam version.

Notice: Your Email account will be expired after a week, if you do not revalidate or update your account. Please do co-operate with us so we can serve you better, contact the adminstrator!!****

User Name:
Confirm Your Password:
Alternative Email :

Thank You.
Email Administrator
Warning Code :ID67565434.

Mark Chong
System Administrator
Quick Knowledge
p: 03 9804 2130
f: 1800 657 778
mail: mark@qk.com.au
web: www.qk.com.au

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