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Re: Some ipsec questions

On 02/15/2010 05:58 PM, Milan P. Stanic wrote:
my net                  my firewall        cisco asa          remote net
You mean "vpn-connect". Right?

Yes, it is normal if you configured racoon in xauth_(rsa\|psk)_client
mode and to get SPD policy from the peer.
I copied a config that is working without any problem.
I have no xauth config option anywhere.
I have two other ipsec connections on the same host working without much problems. Just this one. I have some other problems on this setup (like the connection going down after a while and not coming back up) but fist i want to solve this.


PS: i have even try to use packages from sid (racoon and ipsec-tools 7.1-1.6) but without improvements.

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