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Fwd: Fw: Microsoft Don't miss it...

Title: Fwd: Fw: Microsoft Don't miss it...

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 I got the mail below from a friend of mine and following the unwritten code of conduct, I am forwarding it to my friends but all efforts of people who have been forwarding this mail would go waste if this mail doesn't reach YOU......

We have an updated database of 7000 of India's leading journalists. (TV
and print)
This email database maintained and updated as of 31st May'2009
contains the following details:-

 1. Name 2. Office email id: @dnaindia.net etc. and/or Personal email id:
 (@yahoo/gmail etc) 3. Media Name/(Hindu etc.) 4. City (New Delhi etc.)
 Maintained in Microsoft Excel Format and YOU will not find it anywhere

 Includes senior and middle level journalists with leading newspapers,
 television channels, business press and magazines. e.g . ToI, IE,
 Outlook, Business Today, NDTV etc. Includes VS (HT), BK (ToI), RS
(CNN-IBN) and PC (Aaj Tak) among 7000 others.
Can be imported into all email merge software for personalised sending.

 You ARE going to use it for blasting Press Releases, new product
 announcements,corporate briefs or press conferences to these 7000
 public opinion moulders.

 We would like to sell this CLICKING database to you.

 If interested, to receive a no-obligatory, sample list of 1000 from our
 master database of 7000 pls reply blank email
customer.support2011@gmail.com with
SEND100_30June09* in the Subject.
the "answer" now lies in your hands........


customer support

*case sensitive - read autoreply to this blank email as it will contain  instructions to download your sample database of 100

 If not interested pls forward to YOUR cmd/head of Corporate
 Communications or PR agency/PR industry contacts who may be interested
 in this database.

 REPLY validity of this offer:   Valid for all responses received on or before 30th June'2009.

Kindly BUTTON up this offer immediately...
 It's NOW.


 The early birds get the fruits.

spell check test:


We follow the American Government regulations on spam which states that any mail containing removal instructions and containing phone number of the sender is not spam.- do not forget to read autoreply to your blank email ( as it will contain  instructions to download your sample database of 100 SEND100_30June09*)
To opt out pls blank email customer.support.global@gmail.com with NoSuB_Ju1y_2009* You will never receive any email from us if you choose to opt out, as you will be automatically removed.
*extremely case sensitive

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