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Re: How to eliminate default routes ? [WAS: Kicked me of self! :-/]

On Thu, 2009-04-09 at 22:49, Michelle Konzack wrote:
> If I boot my router, my two cable modems get there IP over DHCP and  all
> two add a default (outgoing) route.
> Because I want to route any "incoming" traffic (requests are coming from
> computers inside my networks)  through  eth1  (downstream  32 MBit)  the
> default route to eth0 is to much and I have to remove it  all  the  time
> manualy which is not realy what I want.
> Also I have nothing found in the docs how to prevent seting the  default
> route.  I am missing something here.

Did you tried supersede option?
> So, if I remove the default route (to eth0) I can  access  the  Internet
> from ANY computer in the subnets...
> How to prevent that the route is set automaticaly?
> If this is working, I continue with the IPTABLES and the FORWARD of  the
> ports.  But first I neet to get correctly Internet access.

Kind regards,  Milan

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