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Re: "segmented" traffic shaping bridge

On Wed, Dec 17, 2008 at 10:28:31AM +1100, Mark Chong wrote:
> hashlimit implements a packet based token bucket filter, where as for 
> traffic shaping you want something bit based.
> however with tc you setup classes for how you want bandwidth to be split up 

yep, agreed - tc is the tool for Traffic Control, and the way to make it
collaborate with NF seems suggested eg here
However, pps limit could be fine as well, depending on your needs: if pps 
is high enough, apps using small packets (telnet, ssh, whatever) won't suffer
bw limits; and yes the length module should allow for finer tuning - I'd 
rather use no more than 3 classes, though - which doesn't sound too horrible
to me.
Newer kernels (apparently since 2.6.19) offer connbytes, which seems to
allow for same bps control - I don't know how to use it, though.

Anyway, better not mix rate control algos/modules - ie if you use tc don't
use NF's rate control/limits too, as feedback mechanisms may badly interact,
and also play badly with TCP's own.


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