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Re: work and live in canada -Why is still showing up on our mailing list

On Mon, Oct 27, 2008 at 11:46:11AM -0600, Ing. Jose Valdivia wrote:
> Hey guys this is the security list for Debian, why we don't have an anti 
> spam or a email content filter blocking this kind of emails, I love this 
> mailing list but we got a lot of smap using it.

hm, I don't get (see) much spam from this ML, but likely that might mean
that my spamfilter chain is just doing well. Too tight a spamfilter at ML
server level might turn into too much grief for legit users and/or too much
work on ML admin's shoulders.

BTW, why did you reply to the very spammer as well? eager to get more ? ;)


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