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Traffic Mirroring


For debugging purposes I'd like to mirror/duplicate network traffic of a
server to a second sandbox server. Current network topology is
structured like below:

  VPN Router (
  Unmanaged Switch
  +--> LINUXSRV eth1:
                eth2:  <--+
       SANDBOX  eth0: <-+|
                                     Switch (

In the planned structure, I'd like to

1. Change IP address of PRODUCTION from 2.23 to 2.230.

2. Change eth1 interface of LINUXSRV from 2.200 to 2.23.

3. Make LINUXSRV to mirror incoming eth1 (2.23) traffic to both 2.230
   and 1.70. (Pay attention that SANDBOX is located in a different

How can I make such a configuration in the LINUXSRV?

Furthermore, if we'd forget the mirroring for a second, I even couldn't
manage to forward 2.200 traffic to 1.70 via DNAT/SNAT.

Any helps will be really really appreciated.


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