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Re: enabling ip_forward, slow my network rate

On Thu, May 29, 2008 at 03:56:00PM -0400, Manuel Mely wrote:
> Hi,
> After some years using iptables as a firewall, i never have seen this. 
> If i enable ip_forward, my download rate is ~865Kbits (on a 100Mbit 

kernel version?
%iptables version? (likely not crucial, but ...)
% iptables-save ?
anything in logs / dmesg?
%ifconfig eth0 shows differences between such config cases?
%lsmod in both cases? (assuming you have all netfilter's stuf as modules) 

This reminds me of an old netfilter (heisen)bug, but that was ~2.4.28..30 era.

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