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secondary cloud link


I'm trying to setup a firewall/gateway/content-filter on a recent internet link that was installed. I am up against a few difficulties however due to the nature of my current network config.

For one, this is a supplementary connection to relieve the main business T1 wan-haul. So routing has to be setup to keep other internal nets over the wan working (this is easy enough). Current internet traffic heads out over this link. That traffic needs to be redirected, which is how I've set it up.

Second issue. Internal addressing is in public address space. Masq seems to fail and with out it, packets get lost in the cloud between the uplinks.

So the question is, can I successfully Masq public ip space to make packets return on the path they left on? Are there any special config requirements for this? Or would I have to bite the bullet and re-ip the subnet in question to private space?

Any other tips would be appreciated as well.

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