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Re: problems with (perhaps) IPMASQ

wanderlust <wanderlust@ukr.net> skribis, je la 98469ª sekundo (19h23'48),
je la 5ª de Pluviozo en la jaro 160ª de la Revolucio (2008-1-24):

> Try on B:
> cat 1 > /proc/sys/net/ipv4/ip_forward

(It's FreeBSD, so no exactly that.)

That was done, because when installing the system I ask for IP forwarding.

But in did no work as I expected.  I still think the problem was the rules set up by IPMASQ.

Anyway, by bridging (as suggested by Pedro) I solved my problem.

Many thanks to all.



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   Universitato Oviedo - EUITIndus 33203 Hispanio - 2:341/14.79@fidonet   

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