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Re: only 8 fixed IP's but 42 physical servers (routing with iptables)


Michelle Konzack a écrit :

I have a client with a SDSL 3.5 Mbit <nerim.net> and only 8 fixed IP's.

Do you mean a /29 IP subnet ?

  ISP              12port        |D R|
nerim.net---SDSL---SWITCH---NIC1-|E O|-NIC2-
                    |||          |B U|-NIC3-
    Courier 1 _____/ ||          |I T|-NIC4-
    Courier 2 ______/ |          |A E|-NIC5-
    Apache-SSL ______/           |N R|

The two physical mailservers (courier) have already there own IP-Address
and the same for the Apache-SSL.  the other 5 IP's are associated to the
5 NIC's.

What do you mean by "associated" ? By the way, aren't 3 out of the 8 IP addresses reserved as network, broadcast and gateway addresses ?

Now I have tried to "ipmask" the four subnets to each one fixed IP

Do you mean "masquerade" ?

but it seems not to work (from inside, speak, no workstation get an internet connection)

There could be many causes. Hard to tell without knowing the Debian router networking setup.

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