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Re: Default Policy = DROP. Help-me

On Thu, Oct 25, 2007 at 10:25:03AM -0200, Yuri Rodrigues wrote:
> echo -e "\033[01;33m-----------------=======\033[01;32m 
> Firewall\033[01;33m =======------------------"
> echo "                    By: Yuri Rodrigues      "
> echo -e "\033[01;37mLOGS: [ /var/log/kern.log ]                 "

unless I missed a newer version, all your 'echo ...' are missing the reset 
sequence '\e[0;37m' (unless you did it on purpose).

I'd rather not use ANSI sequences (or colors at all) *by default* though, 
as one might need to run the script from a simple terminal (eg. via serial 
line) which doesn't understand them.


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