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Re: Default Policy = DROP. Help-me


Thanks for helping. This is the result of the work after the suggestions implemented.

Ansgar Wiechers, thank you for having looked so well my firewall. I tried to do everything you showed me. The firewall clean you sent to me some changes needed to be functional. But finally it was ready. Thank you. What do you think of the firewall now?

Stefan Weihartner, its rules were essential for debugging so that I could make the firewall functional. Thank you.

Andreas Kuglgruber, I am testing the fwbuilder and am enjoying very much. But I am still in a phase of studies on the subject of how to use the program.

Someone of you (who attends the list) has a list of rules for the firewall to prevent the main attacks? It would be of great utility.

Thank you,

Yuri Rodrigues

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