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Re: arp_proxy does not work with static DHCP/PERM arp ?

Wojciech Ziniewicz a écrit :
2007/9/30, Pascal Hambourg :

My guess is that the client checks that the offered IP address is not
already in use by issuing an ARP request and expecting no reply. When
the router has proxy_arp enabled, it replies to the ARP request so the
client believes the IP address is in use and declines the offer.

It looks like You are right

However it is surprising that the router answers ARP requests for addresses that are on the same side. This would not break only DHCP but all ARP operation on the subnet.

What would you advice to get rid of this sittuation ?
I suppose that turning arp_proxy only on eth0 should work

I cannot give any advice without knowledge about your network layout, IP subnets, routing tables, and what you need proxy ARP for.

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