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Re: BAndwidth

Stanciu Nicolae wrote:
François Rousseau wrote:
Have you try ntop?

François Rousseau

2007/5/7, Fernando Andrade <fcaandrade@gmail.com>:
apt-get intall iptraf

Em Sáb, 2007-05-05 às 13:20 +0300, Stanciu Nicolae escreveu:
> Can u people tell me a way to measure bandwidth per ip ? I tried some
> things but ...  nothing good came from it.
Um abraço.

Fernando Andrade

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I didn`t try ntop or mrtg but I will and I will come to u with an opinion.Thx

I have been using vnstat for many years to monitor the bandwidth of my servers. Great command line tool. Can also watch separate interfaces on your box. This might meet your needs.

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