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Re: BAndwidth

Hi Nicolae,

You can use p_speed to look ar your traffic/second live from your
console, http://sgi.rdscv.ro/~ionuts/C/, from there download and
compile pcap_speed.tar.gz. p_speed works with pcap. You can use it
like this:
p_speed -i eth0 net - you will see all traffic for, download and upload.

p_speed -i eth1 dst net, you will see the traffic that has
destination, if is connected on eth1, with dst
net you will see the download speed.

p_speed -i eth1 dst net or, you get the ideea :-)

If you need traffic graphs per IP, use pmacct and cacti.

If you want to see only traffic in MB/month or /day use bwstat
http://projects.celuloza.ro/bwstat/ that also works with pmacct.

On 5/5/07, Stanciu Nicolae <jad_nycky@hidrotehnica.com> wrote:
Can u people tell me a way to measure bandwidth per ip ? I tried some
things but ...  nothing good came from it.

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