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Re: Multicast routing

Martin H. Ludwig wrote:
I have to transfer the media-stream from the media server to the mp3 player. I read that I have to use dynamic multicast-routing and to use a routing-daemon. The only daemon I found was mrouted - but I seems to be removed in later sarge distributions and in etch, too.

So my question: Is there an alternative to mrouted an how is this routing done? Is there anyone with a similar scenario?

We are using mrouted, it still works fine; I have the source
and the .deb lying around in my /usr/local/src/, so I guess
I compiled it myself *shrugs*

I'll send you the package in a private mail

btw: Please try to fix your mail headers -- if
mail002 (at) web.de
is the address you expect me to send mail to you,
put it in the Reply-To header, not in Cc:

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