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Re: Load balancing SMTP servers

2006/11/22, George Borisov <george@dxsolutions.co.uk>:
James Stevenson wrote:
> With iptables with 2 servers using a nat entry you can pick a match rule for
> a 50% random connection entry
> Its straight out of the man page.

Unfortunately, this is no longer true for Etch (which is what the
 firewalls have to run for hardware reasons).

All of the nice iptables load balancing stuff has been taken out
in the latest versions, because there's no support for it in
kernels 2.6.11+ :-(

I think , it's quite possible to use layer7 patch for directing smtp
"sessions" (that layer7 should be sane of) to specified ROUTEs (patch
from patchomatic-ng from netfilter) that would be our smtp servers...


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