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Opening a port on Ipmasq

Hi Everyone!

I have been a very happy user of the Ipmasq program for many years. It has allowed me to very easily setup a home network that doesn't require a

However, I recently bought a webcam which I use on a networked computer
running Debian testing.  The server runs Sarge at this point.  I am using
the aMSN program and when I start it up and try to connect my webcam it says that I am behind a firewall. It says I need some ports opened so I can let other users see my cam.

The aMSN documentation says I need to setup up the following "port

Application:    aMSN
Start:          6890
End:            6900
Protocol:       Both (TCP & UDP)
IP:             xxx.xxx.x.xxx
Enabled:        X YES

Do you have any suggestions on how I can configure it to allow these ports so my webcam will work properly? Any suggestions would be helpful.

Thank you!!!!


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