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Problems with transparent proxy in my gateway

Hi there,  
I'm using Squid for transparent proxy, from linux clients I can access to
hotmail and   
use msn messenger. But when I try to access hotmail.com and msn messenger
from XP   
clients, they can't access.  
In IE settings, as used in transparent proxy, the setting for http proxy is
conection". If I change this setting to http proxy to gateway:3128, XP
clients can  
access to hotmail.com but not to msnmessenger.  
When I use transparent proxy settings in IE, trying to sing to hotmail.com,
hangs accessing to 'login.live.com' which I think is authentication server.

Mozilla-firefox in XP clients neither access to hotmail.com. 
Doen any one has any tip??. Thanx in advance. 
PS: remember, I can access from Linux clients. 

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