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Re: DNAT + ADSL... to reduce MTU of the network

On Tue, Jul 11, 2006 at 05:10:59PM -0300, ronan lopes wrote:
> I am having problems to use DNAT in one gateway with 
> external interface ppp0 and internal interface eth1 Already 
> I placed MTU low 890 of eth0 very;  but ppp0 
> only connects with MTU 1492 would like to reduce this 
> MTU, therefore when I use the rule: 

You may set the mtu for ppp0 in /etc/ppp/options: 

| # Set the MTU [Maximum Transmit Unit] value to <n>. Unless the peer
| # requests a smaller value via MRU negotiation, pppd will request that
| # the kernel networking code send data packets of no more than n bytes
| # through the PPP network interface.
| #mtu <n>
| mtu 1411

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