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Re: How to kill DNAT'ed connection

В Чтв, 01/06/2006 в 00:44 +0300, Покотиленко Костик пишет:
> Hi again,
> Another problem. I have set up a firewall rules to have my router DNAT
> some destination IPs and Ports to another. There are also some scripts
> used when the client is authorized (connected with authorization
> software) and disconnected to bring up forwarding (routing for its IP)
> and some DNATs for internal servers.
> When the client disconnects, the rules are deleted and new connection
> are being rejected. But the problem is that existant DNAT'ed connection
> are continue to operate.
> That has raised a question: How to kill DNAT'ed connection?
> ...or there are any other suggestions/technics?

This problem now solved using only iptables rules. If anybody interested
in details let me know.

Покотиленко Костик <casper@meteor.dp.ua>

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