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Re: How to kill DNAT'ed connection

В Чтв, 01/06/2006 в 01:21 +0200, Pascal Hambourg пишет:
> Pokotilenko Kostik wrote :
> > 
> > When the client disconnects, the rules are deleted and new connection
> > are being rejected. But the problem is that existant DNAT'ed connection
> > are continue to operate.
> That's the normal behaviour of NAT.
> > That has raised a question: How to kill DNAT'ed connection?
> Just like any other connection : with DROP or REJECT.

And delete that DROP/REJECT when inserting DNAT rules again?

I just thought there is more beautifull solution...

Покотиленко Костик <casper@meteor.dp.ua>

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