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multiple nat + public adresses

Hello , i have a strange configuration (below) :

LAN_IP2- =====(lan1)NAT1(lan2)=====(lan2)NAT2(pub)==== Internet

-LAN_IP1, LAN_IP2 are workstations
-LAN_IP3 - has a public IP adress  (going thru 2  DNAT's : NAT1 i NAT2)
-I have iptables on NAT2 and NAT1 is a cisco router (very very old).
LAN_IP3 has the public adress assigned with iptables DNAT going thru
those two NATS (being rewrited two times)...

What to do , to allow LAN_IP1 and LAN_IP2 connect to public IP adress
of LAN_IP3 host ? Now  they are only seeing the public adress assigned
to NAT2 eth0 interface..

please help,
thanks in advance ;)

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