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VPN Multi-LINK Again


it seems I a awakning the dead with this help topic as seen here:

The thread just edded with no resolution, so I am hopping someone can help me.

LAN A |  SERVER A ---> tun0 ---> ppp0 ---------------
                |                    -----WWW-------  ppp0 <--- |<--- tun0 <---|Client A  |  LAN B
                |                    --------wwww---            |              |
                |---> tun1 ---> ppp1 ---------------            |--- tun1 <----|

The diagram explains that I have 2 OpenVpn tunnels on running at two diffrent locations. I am using pppoe to
create the ppp+ connections.

Now as you can see CLIENT A has only connection - A fat pipe, and SERVER A has 2 small conections. CLIENT A
is establish an OpenVPN connection to the each seprat ppp+ conection and routing traffic back on the same
linke - That was tricky but it is working well.

Now my problem is I need to bind tun0 and tun1 as one and then route traffic from LAN A to LAN B.

Any ideas on how to do this would be a great help, I have tried Bonding and EQL qith no luck, More luck with
EQL but not bonding.

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