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DOS attack--Prob with iptables.pls reply urgent!!!!!


i went thru the quries that u ahve solved..didnt know how to post
one..so m mailing to u..pls reply to this one..

after limiting the no of ping requests using the limit rule in
iptables...how do i write a rule to generate a particular display like

clients m/c on cmd prompt :  ping server_ip -t
reply from server_ip....
reply from server_ip...
reply from server_ip....
destination host unreachable.

i.e i want my server to limit the no of reply packets to 3 even if the
-t option is given and the drop any icmp packets coming from the

I have my iptables rules on the server m/c which has a linux platform
but my client is a windows system.

Another query:how to test this????

also the ping of death attack which increases the size of packet to
>65535....what shud be done to avoid ping of death attack...if u know
any rule for the same pls let me know.

Hoping for a reply from u....
Thanking in advance,


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