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Re: Defining static routes with FireHOL

Hi Martin,

I don't think that FireHOL is able of doing something to kill your routes.
If the route dissappears when you start FireHOL, please review your firehol.conf: firehol.conf is a valid BASH script. If you put there some commands to alter your routing, or whatever else, they will be executed.


Martin G.H. Minkler wrote:


Following problem:

I'm running FireHOL on a debian sarge and everything is great, I just love the ease and precision of FireHOL, but I have an OpenVPN server sitting in the DMZ on eth1 (using as the tunnel subnet) who's output coming from the VPN tunnels should be routed to the intranet on eth2 while the DMZ itself has a completely different public /29. As the DMZ default gateway is the same machine that routes the intranet there's no problem there.

The rule

router sphinx2i inface eth1 outface eth2 src "${vpn_ips}" dst "${intranet_server_ips}"
server all accept

works fine except for the fact that the machine doesn't natively know how to route back to the OpenVPN server as none of it's interfaces are within that subnet. Attaching a custom route to eth1 in /etc/network/interfaces with

post-up "route add -net gw <IP_OpenVPN_server>"

works - until FireHOL starts and somehow kills the custom route.

How can a route be set (inside /etc/firehol/firehol.conf or elsewhere) for good, one that is persistent?

best regards and Thank You very much


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